Website Design

Your company’s website along with the effectiveness of its social media accounts are most important marketing tool for small businesses just starting out. Remember, you cannot, yet, rely on word of mouth referrals. And, print marketing is expensive and cannot be reused.

So, you must ensure that your online presence is strong and clearly and accurately reflects your company’s mission, vision, products and services, and targets your market.

Many new small business owners get caught up in website aesthetics. Sure, that is important but, the single most important part of a website that will get your company exposure is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This determines where you appear in a google search for the keywords your website targets.

What are Keywords? These are the words and phrases used on your website in an effort to better your position in a google search. Hence, they will be words associated with your industry, business, and products and services. Significant research must be done to determine what the words and phrases are most searched in your industry so they can be strategically placed on your website. Additionally, Google uses a sophisticated algorithm placing value on particular characteristics of websites. These include backlinks, keywords, quality content, etc.

Allow our experts to work with you to build a website that is both functional and meets your company’s day to day needs and is also optimized to send clients to you!