Human Resources Support

There is a lot on the plate of small business owners. This is exacerbated for new small business owners. And, as an owner, you do not want to overlook anything that would expose you or your company to liability.

There is always the potential for liability exposure. The proper paperwork, policies, and protocols can reduce this exposure and help to educate your staff and customers as to what can be reasonably expected.

You should begin with developing your mission and vision statements as well as a set of core values for your company. Everything you do after that should be based upon those beliefs.

Other “must-haves” include a job application packet that includes all of the government required forms and company specific forms; a company handbook; background check policy and release forms; drug and alcohol policy/testing program/release forms; an internal quality assurance and training program; and company handbook.

The right small business consultant can ensure your company has a solid human resources structure.