Small Business Coaching is a supportive relationship in which the coach and the business owner communicate frequently. The topics of the communications can vary based on the business owner’s wants and needs or what the coach feels is important.

Most coaching takes place via telephone or video chat with the occasion text message and/or email. At minimum, we communicate via telephone and video chat 4 times per month – usually once per week. I have clients for whom I serve as coach located around the world.


Small business coaching is successful only when the proper environment is established and maintained. This includes full confidentiality to the fullest extent of the law. Additionally, we will work hard, together, to develop and understand, rapport, respect, and trust that will be the driving force for us to have deep and honest conversations that will serve to help grow your business.


At the conclusion of each session, you will be asked to reflect on what was discussed. You will need to establish short-term weekly SMART goal(s) for yourself. You should use this SMART goal as a motivator for your week.

This is not therapy?

Coaching is not therapy. The goal in a coaching relationship is to assist and provide support for you to achieve your business goals. At times, it may feel that way as we openly discuss a variety of topics but, the goal is much different than a therapy session.


As with any venture in life, success requires commitment.

There is no commitment to me. Instead, you decide whether to make the commitment to yourself. In the absence of this commitment, the coaching experience may not be as fruitful as it could be if the time, effort, and sacrifice are given.