Westgate Holdings LLC is a full-service business consulting firm. We serve all industries across the United States, Europe, and areas of the Caribbean. We maintain a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies yet, our true joy comes from working with start-up companies. It is rewarding to assist these small businesses pursue their dream of successful business ownership!

If you are a first-time small business owner just starting out, please CONTACT US today!

We are a single source for business solutions in planning, marketing, technology, and human resources. Our team of experienced consultants can offer a broad perspective and identify strategies to assist in all areas of operations.

Whether you are just beginning the planning process or you are seeking an end to end business management partner, Westgate Holdings LLC has the resources and expertise to assist.

We offer our clients opportunities to have areas of operational improvement revealed; strategies to improve marketing success implemented; leaders and owners mentored; and staff, leaders, and owners engaged in professional improvement classes and coaching.

We are innovative and cost-effective in our approach. All of our consulting, coaching, and class services can be offered virtually or we can meet in-person with you and/or your team.

Business Planning

We can assist in composing this, all important, document. Or, after in-depth consultation with you, we can design and compose this document. This document can be the basis of approvals and/or denials of capital, investors, and other types of loans. In the absence of a solid and actionable business plan, funding you might be seeking will be denied.

The business plan should contain your business goals, how those goals will be attained, and a timeframe for achieving the goals.

Business Start-Up

The business start-up process can be a daunting and intimidating task for those who have little to know experience with the innumerable guidelines, requirements, and tasks that need to be completed prior to opening for business. Westgate Holdings LLC can guide you through this process or we can handle the process on your behalf.

We will meet to discuss options, scenarios, and resources. We will present the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

We also have “shelf companies” available. A “shelf company” is one already incorporated complete with an EIN number and bank account. Just as the name suggests, once incorporated, these companies were placed “on the shelf” until purchased by a client. The advantage of the “shelf company” is that they are immediately ready and you are able to immediately start conducting business.

Website Design

A strategically designed website will attract attention from Google based on their algorithms. This will translate into more traffic to your website. More traffic equals more customers. Our search engine optimization services coupled with strategic layouts and authoritative content will ensure your company is seen in search engines.

Social Media Management

We have staff who are well seasoned in all social media platforms and how to effectively leverage these platforms in order to enhance your company’s online presence and convert this to more customers.

You can charge us with representing your brand across all social media platforms. We will create content, design and launch various campaigns, and reply to comments. Growing your online following is a free and efficient method to increase your brand awareness locally, regionally, and nationally.

Marketing Strategy & Branding

Ultimately, the sole purpose of marketing is to increase revenue. There are, certainly, incremental steps along the way. For example, marketing increase your online following, it increase your company’s general exposure to potential customers within your target markets, it creates a brand awareness for your company, and it allows you to establish relationships and rapport with strategic partners and potential clients alike.

But, ultimately, marketing is not considered successful unless there is demonstrated evidence that said marketing has converted people to customers and those customers have invested in some way in your company.

Our experts know what engages potential clients and we know how to convert these engagements into profit. We also understand the importance of branding and how to, effectively, brand your company for success.

Human Resource Management

We will maximize the performance of employees to better meet the goals and objectives of your company.

No employees yet? We will work with you to ensure your company has:

  • recruitment, hiring, and training strategy and procedure
  • policies and procedures for future employees
  • handbook and other ancillary documents as required or recommended by local and state guidelines as well as your insurance company

End to End Business Management & Consulting

Ownership of end-to-end management of a business can lead to performance enhancements in all areas including cost management, quality assurance, quality and timeliness of execution, and overall ease with which business goals can be accomplished.

You know your industry. Focus on your area of expertise and allow us to handle all of the business processes.